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Grant Every Child Every Right in China| UN HRC46 Virtual Side-event  

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Two years late, China’s report for the review of the Committee on the Rights of the Child has still not been submitted. This side-event is convened to act as a review of China’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and mark the release of Jubilee Campaign’s Complaint on China’s violations of the Convention on the Rights ...

Justice and Accountability in Nigeria

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9 March | 8:00AM ET | 2:00 PM CET | Justice and Accountability in Nigeria | Keynote Baroness Cox Hon. Tristan Azbej - Hungary    Witness + Expert Speakers Stephen Enada with ICON UN SR Dr. Agnes Callamard Alheri Magaji - daughter of Bawa Magaji, the Adara Wazirin, Alheri now operates RADi, a non-profit caring for IDPs. Prof. Sayo Ajiboye with Mission Africa International

Congressional Briefing — Stripping Muslims of Citizenship in India’s Assam


14 million Muslims in the Indian State of Assam are at the 8th Stage of the ’10 Stages of Genocide,’ according to Genocide Watch. Half a million are already declared non-citizens on the basis of a dubious and Islamophobic citizenship determination. The Government now wants to “reverify” that list only to add millions more. The process of proving citizenship in under-qualified ...